Our Fishermen Cooperative is located at the entrance of Port- Vendres, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea ; the heart of the Pyrénées -Orientales.

We wish you a fueling station and a shop fishing equipment and boats. We have two main activities :

The untaxed diesel refueling

Intended for all professionals of the sea , our fueling station waiting to refuel your ships with diesel -rated. The supply of untaxed diesel is intended for :

  • fishermen,   
  • professionals promenade Sea   
  • diving,
  • administrations,
  • commercial Charters.

The hardware equipment of vessels and crews

Intended for professional sea , boaters and individuals, we offer a complete equipment for ships and boats range :   

  • garments ( Guy Cotten ),   
  • refit your ships ( Paintings Castellano ),
  • more specific items such as ropes , chains , cables etc ....


Coopérative des Pêcheurs
La Criée - Anse Gerbal
66660 PORT-VENDRES (France)

04 68 54 99 83 - 06 13 27 08 94

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